Hi I'm Ashley Kursey.​​
A Graphic Designer
based in the Cotswolds.

Currently working in Cheltenham​
on Print, Brand & Digital.


iOS Shopping App

This is a personal project to develop my digital and UI/UX skills.


The goal: To design and develop a luxury iOS shopping app with simple UX and clean UI. This demo is aimed at a male user shopping experience for specific products based on the users's interests. The design offers easy add-to-cart feature with the ability to add products to your favourites, edit your personal account details and explore the app based on previous interactions and search results. 

The UX allows for easy flow between sections of the app, quick checkout availability and quick access to previous product searches. The design is focussed around giving the user quick updates on new products, an easy shopping experience and the ability to explore various categories for their interest. Designed and prototyped in XD. All stock photography from Unsplash.

iphone-mockup-scene-copy@2x (5).jpeg
iphone-mockup-scene-copy@2x (4).jpeg
iphone-mockup-scene-copy@2x (1).jpeg
iphone-mockup-scene-copy@2x (7).jpeg

Home page with search, favourites and
profile feature, in fixed navigation bar.

Fixed top navigation for categories. Custom feature with fixed scrolling for product search.

Product selection with add to basket feature. 

Shopping cart selection available. Back and forth product flow for review and amends. Checkout option available. 

User profile with account settings, purchase history, customer support etc. 

Card and payment features. Payment options by added card or linked PayPal. 


Artboard Concepts

Home - Mens.jpg
Home – Watches.jpg
Watch 5.jpg
Account – 1.jpg
Card Details – 1.jpg
Search – 1.jpg
Camera Case.jpg
Basket – 1.jpg
Saved Items – 1.jpg
Home – 1.jpg


Wire 1.jpg
Card Details.jpg
Saved Items.jpg
Wire 4.jpg
Wire 3.jpg
Wire 4.jpg
Wire 3.jpg
Wire 2.jpg
Wire 4.jpg

Music iOS App

This is another personal project to develop my digital and UI/UX skills.
The process started with creating a structure, sketching the wire-frames and then the design and prototyping within Adobe XD. Working on an iPhone X platform, this allowed me to view a direct demo on my personal device to test and view the application. This then allowed me to look at troubleshooting and develop the app further. 


Song selection with featured artists. Active selection featured in footer.


Selected song and artist in play mode. 


Song selection with featured artists. Active selection featured in footer.


Selected song and artist in play mode. Featuring length of song in active state. 


Song selection with featured artists. Active scroll feature available for various artists.

Wire-framing and concepts. Photography from Unsplash

Home – Wire.jpg
Song - Wire.jpg

Logo Design / Packaging

Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery approached me with a logo redesign project. Their current logo was outdated, which led to the solution of creating something more memorable. The client brief was simple, the company initials overlapping in a similar style to the New York Yankees logo. This provided a more unique identity for the brewery, allowing for application on t-shirts, coasters and pint glasses etc. This also led to the creation of the Crowler label. Now customers could now take home a sample of the craft beers on tap and enjoy the brewery experience from home. 

Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery | website

Packaging Design_PowerHouse
Crowler Label F.jpg

“Ashley is a smart and understanding artist. The knowledge and ability to relate to what I (the customer) am seeking is tremendous. As for his work, it is very creative and interesting. I am beyond satisfied with the service provided to me.” 

Dan Tweten
Vice President South Sound Restaurant Group


Logo Design / Branding

Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios approached me with a logo redesign. The brief was to shorten the business name but to add positivity to the logo. The solution was to keep part of the original design but to emphasis on a smile within the logo. The final result was changing the name to IC Dental Studios using the implant icon as the ‘I’ and the ‘C’ for the smile. This took away the more technical aspect of an implant specialist and made it more people friendly. Additionally the brand was re-worked and a style guide put in place. A brand was created for the ‘All on four’ service which allowed a complete set of dentures to be added via just a four pin structure. A set of teeth that lasted a lifetime, the ‘All-on-4ever’ brand was born. 

Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios | website

Branding_IC Dental Studios
Branding_IC Dental Studios
Branding_IC Dental Studios
Branding_IC Dental Studios
Branding_IC Dental Studios
Branding_IC Dental Studios
Branding_IC Dental Studios

“I decided to use Ashley through a recommendation, I had seen his previous work and was very impressed. With Ashley you don't just get a fantastic product, but he is there to help and guide you the whole way. His customer service is top end.”

TJ Nicolas
Implant & Ceramic Dental Studios


Digital Brochure

PinPointMedia specialize in video and digital content. As an already established growing business, PinPoint needed a way of showcasing to new customers what their capabilities were and in what areas they specialize in. The brief was to create a digital marketing brochure that could be tailored to the client’s project. Four brochures were created for the four areas of business; Animation, Photography, Video and Video Editing. The finished result was an on-brand marketing brochure that could showcase its client portfolio and an end-to-end process. 

PinPointMedia | website

ipad-mockup-scene (1).jpeg
ipad-mockup-scene (4).jpeg
ipad-mockup-scene (3).jpeg
ipad-mockup-scene (5).jpeg
ipad-mockup-scene (2).jpeg
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